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Gail Munn




Gail Bannister-Munn




Primary Trainer Category

Functional Training

About Me

Gail Bannister-Munn currently works as Flexibility, Core and Pilate’s coach with the NY Jets Football Team, Pro Hoops Basket Ball, and The players of the NY Islanders focusing on skill sets that can help players improve in all areas of defense, and offense. She currently holds certifications in several different disciplines, which enhances her coaching abilities to her athletes, staff and her classes. She is the owner & CEO of The Bannister Method.

Average Session Duration

$100 for a 60 min session, $80 for a 45min session, $50 for a 30min session

Booking Policy

8 to 12 hours ahead

Days Available For Training


Days Available For Training

Monday, Friday, Saturday

Training areas (ZIP Codes)

Strength and Conditioning coach


New York

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  • To ALL Fitness Professionals. In two weeks one of the Largest Fitness, Educational shows will be at the Marriott Marquis, NY, Thursday, March 19th to Sunday, March 22nd. ECA World Fitness has been around for over 20+ years. It has been in the forefront of the Fitness Industry, helping us to stay on the cutting edge of education. In these past years, I personally have noticed drop off in many fitness conventions attendance. When I ask instructors or trainers, if they are aware of fitness shows, I usually get a blank look. We have turned to You Tube, Google, Instagram and on line education support (which can be helpful at times) however, do yo know if the videos you are viewing are qualified, certified, and/or has any type of Fitness Educational Background?  We view these videos, and rush back to our classes to teach to our clients, and our class members NOT knowing the delivery, or progressions. We view these videos just because the person in front on that screen looks Dynamic. MY point>> STOP IT!!! Go back to LIVE, INTERACTIVE, TOUCH, FEEL, CONNECTION, CONVERSATIONS to learn. It is the only way, THE BEST WAY.  Yes, these conventions can be expensive, however, attending one show once a year, is months worth of educational materials you can go back to over the next 12 months. Most importantly, you will be stimulated, and rejuvenated all over again, like you where when you started teaching your 1st class, or training your 1st client. DO NOT BECOME COMPLAISANT because your classes are packed, and you have over 30+ clients a week. Education does not stop, if anything it grows not get left behind. TRY IT! I promise it will change your thought process.

  • Calling all Fitness Professionals, and Members who would like to get more education on training the correct way. I am now a HUGE part in designing a fitness APP to help us fitness professionals teach, train, educate, and help our clients. The app is still in its infancy stages however, we are getting ready to expand to bigger, and better ideas. (Training, education, and workshops). Consider this a FB/Instagram/You Tube APP for fitness information. You can set up your own profiles, and post videos, or pics of your trainings. We will have sanctioned pre-approved, certified validated professionals ONLY on our educational windows. As we grow, you grow. Feel free to download the app "FOR FREE". Check out our website.

  • I am so excited that you're on this site! Thank you! Thank you! :)


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